Mitzi Romanko, OT and Exercise Physiologist

Mitzi Romanko – Owner of WellnessVIPs, LLC. - Mitzi focuses on behavioral changes towards a balanced life of health and well-being. Mitzi has spent time working in Clear Lake Hospital in rehabilitation and as a pediatric therapist with special needs children since 2009.


Mitzi practices what she preaches age is only a number... 57 is a great number!

As an avid health enthusiast, Exercise Physiologist and Pilate reformer instructor she loves training others.

Mitzi’s education background includes - A Bachelor’s degree from Texas Chiropractic in Human Biology (2005). She also completed her Master’s degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas in Occupational Therapy (2009).Mitzi is a member in good standing of The American Occupational Association and The Texas Occupational Therapy Association since 2009.

Specialized training includes various continuing education courses on the latest developments in research and study of obesity and pre-diabetes. She currently teaches weight training, Pilate and Nutrition. She also studies under Dr. Michael Romanko attending multiple conferences on Age Management and Anti-aging and Hormonal Wellness and Chronic Inflammation. Mitzi is a certified TAI CHI instructor.

Licenses - Mitzi Is licensed to practice Occupational Therapy in Texas since 2009. She has specialized in behavioral changes since 2012.

Mitzi enjoys spending time with her 2 Yorkies, traveling around the country learning and spending time with 11 g-babies!! She and her husband, Dr. Michael Romanko are champion Ballroom dancers and enjoy all types of dance anywhere they can to spread joy! Mitzi is a forward positive thinker and motivational coach.


Mitzi loves to find new health tips to share with friends and family.

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