Dr. Michael Romanko, MD


Dr. Michael Romanko is a Board certified Specialty Emergency Medical Physician | Director of Physicians.


Michael sees so many patients with conditions that could have been prevented. He has a private VIP “Concierge Practice”, by appointment only.


Optimizing health including thyroid, hormones (sexual health), peptides and much more. In the ER he hopes to never see his patient again, because of course he wants them to be healthy. With wellness we want to love you the rest of your life and see you live a longer and healthier life with the goal of disease prevention and/or age reversal.

We will all age and die and no one but God knows the why or how, but we hope to write health Rx’s  to increase the process of aging/longevity with grace, positivity and SCIENCE.


It all starts with a consultation, simple blood tests and an optimization plan. Dr. Romanko has attended Wellness and Age Management+Anti-Aging conferences all over the world for the past 8 years (approx. every 4 months). He is a brilliant, prolific Doctor/Scientist and his passion is to see patients live with our same passion towards health. This is a cutting edge profession, his patients include many health enthusiasts.


The learning curve requires effort but he will be a dedicated guide!

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